Android Debug Bridge


Cheat Sheet

Dumping system data

You can dump system data to the screen by the command shell dumpsys. The output shows lots of information, so you might redirect STDOUT to a text file.

% adb shell dumpsys > dump.txt
% less dump.txt
Currently running services:

The first section tells about Currently running services. If a service name is specified after dumpsys, then the other sections are filtered out.

# Show only "battery"
% adb shell dumpsys battery
Current Battery Service state:
  AC powered: true
  USB powered: false
  Wireless powered: false

Investigating intent filters

Look up the Activitiy Resolver Table section in the output of the command shell dumpsys package.

% adb shell dumpsys package > package.txt
% less package.txt
Activity Resolver Table:
  Full MIME Types:
        41adb878 filter 41adb9e0